• Occupational Safety and Health American Council (OSHAC) develop this training to provide trainers with the proper knowledge, techniques, and materials needed to successfully teach employees and to keep your organization compliant.

Course Benefits:

To qualify for this program certificate, students must complete all required courses listed below. There is no time limit to complete the required courses.
  • How to respond to emergencies
  • The EMS system
  • The 3 key principles in First Aid: Check, Call, Care.

Duration: 1 day

How to treat:

  • Airway Emergencies
  • Breathing & Circulation Emergencies
  • Sudden medical conditions and environmental emergencies

First Aid for:

  • Respiratory & Cardiac Arrest
  • Head & Spine Injuries
  • Bone, Muscle & Joint Injuries
  • Wound Care
    • 10 hours course with flexible scheduling options
    • Includes CPR Level HCP
    • Provides you with a 3-year valid certification recognized in the workplace (you can take a short recertification session every 3 years)
    • Includes AED (Automated External Defibrillation) certification

  • There are several safety positions with different levels of responsibility in an Occupational Safety and Health career path. Each advancing level typically requires higher levels of experience, education, and knowledge and skills in leadership, business practices, safety and health, and communication and information technology. OSHAC wants to help our students who want to learn about these career opportunities.

Why Acme Pakistan:

Acme is one of approved training center in Pakistan for OSHAC qualifications in Pakistan. Our qualified trainer’s experience, will give you maximum of knowledge of standard.