Acme is one of approved training provider in Pakistan for RIG Training. The intermediate level Rig Mechanic Programme (RMP) forms a part of the tri-level educational (Introductory, Intermediate and Advanced levels) and is specifically directed at maintenance staff working in the drilling industry. It is the next step for candidates who have completed the introductory Rig Mechanical Course (RMC) and all persons interested in specializing as Mechanics in drilling departments.

Course Content:

  • Introduction
  • Draw works
  • Rotary table
  • Swivel
  • Crown and travelling blocks
  • Mud pumps (part 1)
  • Mud pumps (part 2)
  • Mud conditioning
  • Diesel engines (part 1)
  • Diesel engines (part 2)
  • Compressors

Course Content:

    This course has been developed for maintenance staff among drilling and well service personnel and it is aimed at:
    • Motormen who are candidates for promotion
    • New employees who have successfully completed their probationary period
    • Apprenticeship personnel in a mechanical or marine engineering discipline
    • Mechanics in heavy industry sectors
    • Mining and marine industry personnel
    • Defense force personnel with a trade background

Why Acme Pakistan:

Acme is one of approved training provider in Pakistan for RIG TRAINING. Our qualified trainer’s experience, will give you maximum of knowledge of standard.