Acme is one of approved training center in pakistan for OSHAC . Supervisors in the oil and gas industry are invaluable to a world-class safety culture. As an “agent of the employer,” and the first-line representative of management, every supervisor has a legal obligation to understand his or her safety responsibilities in the workplace. Occupational Safety and Health American Council (OSHAC) design this program for the helps of supervisors who develop the knowledge and skills to fulfill those responsibilities and be an effective leader. By completing this program, students will understand how safety supervisor responsibilities apply to the oil and gas field, where it is important for safety concepts and efforts be targeted to onshore and offshore drilling.

Course Contents:

To qualify for this program certificate, students must complete all required courses listed below. There is no time limit to complete the required courses.

  • 200 Introduction to Safety Management
  • 201 Introduction to OSH Training
  • 202 Effective Accident Investigation
  • 204 Personal Protective Equipment
  • 205 Hazard Analysis and Control
  • 206 Conducting a Job Hazard Analysis
  • 207 Introduction to Ergonomics
  • 209 Safety Supervision and Leadership
  • 212 Safety Management System
  • 213 Hazard Communication Program
  • 214 Energy Control Program – LOTO
  • 216 Fall Protection Program
  • 218 Electrical Safety Basics
  • 219 Emergency Action Plans
  • 222 Confined Space Program
  • 240 Introduction to Industrial Hygiene
  • 244 Hearing Conservation Program
  • 245 Blood-borne Pathogens Program
  • 246 Introduction to Machine Guarding
  • 300 Trench and Excavation Safety
  • 305 Fall Protection in Construction
  • 400 Oil and Gas Safety Management
  • 401 Oil and Gas Hazard Awareness
  • 402 Oil Spill Cleanup
    • Develop your safety and leadership skills within the oil and gas industry.
    • Stay current on OSHA's regulations.
    • Learn how to effectively investigate accidents, such as oil spills or injuries.
    • Monitor oil and gas employees.
    • Evaluate safety management systems.

    • Designed this program for safety supervisors, officers, or other individual's responsible for managing front line employees in the oil and gas industry.
    • Also benefits individuals seeking to reach their career goal of becoming an oil and gas safety supervisor.
    • Also helps you develop the essential skills you will need for your future job as a safety supervisor.

  • After completion delegate will get

    • Wallet Card
    • Course Certificate
    • Program Certificate
    • Transcript
    • (25 Certificates + 5 Wallet Card)

Why Acme Pakistan:

Acme is one of approved training center in Pakistan for OSHAC qualifications in Pakistan. Our qualified trainer’s experience, will give you maximum of knowledge of standard.