Acme is one of approved training center in pakistan for IBOEHS – The International Board of Environmental Health & Safety. Registered Airport Safety Officer considers safety to be the number one priority for airports and the aviation community. Our core functional expertise is dedicated to safety. Our Safety training portfolio provides airport operators and aviation executives the knowledge needed to ensure their airport operations are safe for their customers and employees.

Course Content:

  • International requirements of aviation regulation and Aerodrome Certification.
  • Basic safety concepts.
  • Fundamentals of hazards and risks.
  • Components of SMS.
  • SMS and Safety Culture.
  • SMS planning and implementation.
  • Case studies, group exercises and airside visit.
  • Importance of Airport Safety.
  • Airport Regulatory Requirements.
  • Role and Responsibilities.
  • Role and Responsibilities.
  • Ground Vehicle Operations.
  • Runway Incursions.
  • Airport Safety and Security.
  • Aerodrome Safeguarding.
  • Aeronautical Studies and Risk Analysis.
  • Apron Management.
  • Human Factors for Airport Managers.
  • Managing Aerodrome Works.
  • Redeclaration of Runway Distances.
  • Runway Incursion Awareness and Prevention.
  • Safety Risk Assessment.
  • This Certificate is design Airport Operations Directors, Managers, Officers and Staff, Airport Emergency Managers, Safety Managers, Officers and Staff, Civil Aviation Authority Officials.

  • This qualification is assessed through a 100-question multiple-choice question examination. The duration of the examination is 2.30 hours. Successful learners must achieve a score of at least 60 out of 100.

Why Acme Pakistan:

Acme is one of approved training center in Pakistan for IBOEHS qualifications in Pakistan. Our qualified trainer’s experience, will give you maximum of knowledge of standard.